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Our vision is based on positivity! Our meta descriptions and other content writing services are delivered with incredible insight and professionalism. Whether we’re working with seasoned web developers or new start-ups, we’re 100% focused onĀ  giving you the very best return on your investment.

Due to our sustainable lifestyle choices (and a little good luck) we’re able to pitch our fees at an incredibly low level. This makes metamatix the affordable option for any entrepreneur setting up a new site on a tight budget.

Sparkling meta descriptions

Even though we work at amazingly low rates, it doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. What you get from metamatix are sparkling meta descriptions at a fraction of the fee that you’d pay for an agency writer.

How do we do it? Simple … we’re mature, experienced writers working directly with clients – we don’t have the added expense of city offices, marketing exec’s and support staff.

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