The art of meta description writing

In December 2017, Google extended the length of their SERPs meta description tag snippets from around 160 to 320 characters. In May 2018, Google did a U-turn, leaving the SEO community dazed and confused.  This makes custom meta description writing even more difficult as cost effective approach to promote your products or services.

At metamatix, we advise site owners to use a meta description length of around 155 characters for web focused content. For meta descriptions targeted at mobile users, we recommend around 125 characters. Crucially (and uniquely) we recommend that site owners now place their Call to Action (CTA) close the start of the meta description!

Effective meta description writing is an art that gets easier with practice. If you have spare time and you’re good with words, it’s a task that almost anyone can take on. If you’re a web developer, SEO consultant, or a busy entrepreneur, you may prefer to have our experts deal with your meta description writing.

It’s all about click-through rates (CTR)

Meta descriptions are all about Click Through Rates (CTR). This is basically the number of page visits you collect when searchers click on your links from Google, Bing or Yahoo search results pages (SERPs).

An expertly worded meta description can significantly improve the chances of your SERP snippet attracting a click. It’s down to basic psychology – Google and other search engines will highlight the buyer’s search-term in bold if the keywords appear in your meta description snippet.

Statistically, more buyer clicks can mean more sales and revenue from your site.

For the best possible performance from your SERP snippet, you need a meta description writer with expert knowledge of keyword SEO, sales psychology and persuasive writing. A pretty demanding  task in less than 160 characters!

Meta description writing from £20

Click here to contact our team today for your low-cost quote. Typical meta description writing fees start from £20 for 15 of the latest, Google optimised meta descriptions.