Intelligent & affordable keyword research

If you need intelligent and intuitive keyword research, but you can’t afford SEO company prices, try our low cost Keyword Research service.

Ideally, the best time to research your best performing keywords is before you commission your site content. From our own experience, we know that content often comes first. All too often, SEO keyword research is a last resort. It’s usually tried when the pressure from competitors becomes too hot to handle.

Keyword planning for your service, product or website

How do we handle keyword planning?

Starting with a few obvious keywords and long-tail key phrases, we generate an extensive list of candidate keywords and phrases. These are reader friendly ‘real-world’ candidate keywords that are easy to incorporate into appealing, organic content.

We can base our SEO keyword planning on a few basic product details, an outline of your service, or the URL of a poor performance site or web page. If you have an active page or site, we’ll report on the actual performance of your current keywords, and often identify better performing keywords that you’ve missed.

Alternatively, we can go right back to basics, researching the best performing keywords for your product or service from scratch.

Keyword analysis for your product or site

Soon after you commission our keyword research service we carry out in-depth keyword analysis on your product, service, or low-performance web page.

We feed our list of candidate keywords into one of the world’s most popular keyword tracking tools. After exporting details of average searches per month (SPM), AdWords competition and other essential information, we analyse the data to identify the best performing long-tail and regular keywords in your niche.

We deliver the candidate keywords listed on an Excel Worksheet. Against each keyword, we report on the average number of monthly searches in Google over the last year. We also add columns showing the level of competition, and our own top-ten SEO rating of each keyword or combo.

For our top five recommended keywords, we’ll also provide a detailed explanation of why they’re the best keyword choices for your buisiness or product.

Intelligent keyword research from £20

Currently our SEO keyword research starts at £20 for a product, service or single web page. Our fee for an organic SEO keyword review of your site is equally affordable! Click here to book your slot, or find out more about our affordable keyword research.