Low cost meta descriptions for large sites

Choose automated meta description writing as a quick, low cost solution to boost click-through on a site with more than 100 pages.

Naturally, we don’t want to divulge too much detail about how we do it … let’s just say that it involves running specially developed data manipulation algorithms on a CSV export of your product catalogue.

Machine generated, automated meta descriptions aren’t as sharply focused as our hand-crafted descriptions. This is basically just a quick, inexpensive way of generating large numbers of descriptions.

Sales oriented meta descriptions

Featuring sales oriented copy in the active voice, our automated meta descriptions typically contain the product size, colour, or other relevant metadata, along with a brief product description and call to action.

Before starting work on your automated meta description writing, we’ll need a CSV export of your product metadata.

100 automated meta descriptions for £30

We currently offer up to 100 automated meta descriptions for a fee of £30. Click here to contact our automation expert.